What is the weather like in Turkey in January?

Ankara – weather in JanuaryWhat is the weather like in Turkey in January?

If you’re planning to visit Turkey in January, you should know that the weather can change throughout the day. Coastal areas can be pleasantly warm in the morning and cool in the afternoon. However, there is no clear-cut “winter” season in Turkey. Evenings can be cloudy or even rainy, which can mimic spring in Europe.

While it is always a good idea to pack warm clothing in case of rain, January in Turkey is generally mild. The country is bordered by the Mediterranean, Black Sea, and Aegean Sea, making its climate moderate. Heavy snowfalls are very rare, though.

Istanbul – weather in January

Istanbul’s climate is incredibly varied, making it difficult to predict the best time to visit. From January to April, the daytime temperature will average eight degrees Celsius, with an average of eleven by the end of the month. It’s important to plan your itinerary accordingly. While you can still expect to see plenty of sunshine, you should also be prepared for rain. The average number of days with precipitation is thirteen. During this time, you’ll find a higher than normal humidity level.

Istanbul’s average temperature in January is 48degF, with high temperatures rarely exceeding 49degF. However, there are some chilly days in January, and temperatures can drop to the teens. It’s important to wear warm, comfortable clothes – rain cannot be ruled out!

Trabzon – weather in January

If you are looking to visit Trabzon in Turkey, you should know that the weather is a bit cold and wet in January. The average temperature is 7 degrees Celsius (-22 Fahrenheit) and you will experience around 88mm of rainfall per day. However, the average day’s sunshine is 6.2 hours.

Trabzon weather in January is not very different from other parts of Turkey. The daytime temperature in this Turkish city is 61 degrees Fahrenheit, and at night, it drops to 48 degrees Fahrenheit. Rainfall in this city is usually moderate. There are 5 days with more than an inch of rain.

Antalya – weather in January

January is a cool month, with daily highs in Antalya averaging 58degF and lows in the city averaging 42degF. Lows rarely dip below 34degF and seldom exceed 50degF. The coldest day of the year is January 23, with an average low temperature of 41degF.

Although temperatures in January in Antalya are often chilly, you will find that they’re still mild enough to be comfortable. Water temperatures range from 66 degF (just shy of 20degC) to 60degF (16degC). While the Mediterranean waters are warm enough to be enjoyable, you might want to avoid going swimming in January.

Antalya’s weather in January

The weather in Antalya is moderately cool in January, with an average temperature of 57degF (14degC). However, the dry air can be uncomfortable. There are 12 days with rain during January. On average, there will be 4.4 inches of rainfall in this month. In January, the sun will rise at about 06:10am and set at around 18:05pm.

The water temperature in Antalya in January is around 66degF (19degC), depending on the time of day. Maximum water temperatures are usually recorded on sunny days with no wind.

Istanbul’s weather in January

Istanbul’s weather in January is fairly mild compared to December. Average daytime temperatures are around 6 degrees Celsius, while overnight temperatures are a little cooler, at a range of 0 to 4 degrees Celsius. However, there are still plenty of rainy days throughout the month, and the weather can become overcast and foggy.

Istanbul’s weather in January is generally not suitable for long walks, but you will be able to enjoy the city’s attractions. You’ll be able to take the classic Bosphorus Cruise, starting at the eastern side of the Galata Bridge and continuing until the natural strait meets the Black Sea. The city’s nightlife has also grown in recent years, and there are multiple entertainment venues on both sides of the Bosphorus. The European side of the city is home to the best nightlife, with clubs and bars catering to the students who live in this region.

Trabzon’s weather in January

The weather in Trabzon is relatively cool in January, ranging between forty degrees Fahrenheit (four degrees Celsius) and seven degrees Fahrenheit (ten degrees Celsius). The sea temperature is around fifty-six degrees Celsius, making for some very pleasant swimming conditions. The average monthly rainfall in Trabzon is around 88 millimeters (27 in.) and the sunshine hours are around 6.2 hours per day.

Trabzon’s weather in January in Turkish cities is typically cold. The high temperature in January in Trabzon is fifty-two degrees Fahrenheit, while the seasonal low is forty-five degrees Fahrenheit. Despite the cold weather, the average day will be warm enough for most people to enjoy outdoor activities. The sun will rise at approximately seven in the morning and set at about 17:15 at night.