Are There Bed Bugs in Turkey?

Bed Bugs in TurkeyWhen traveling to Turkey, it is essential to be cautious about bed bugs. Bed bugs can cause allergic reactions and even anaphylactic shock. They are not hard to spot. Bed bugs are small, but they are bigger than you might think. They grow to be about 0.5 cm long and reach an adult stage after undergoing five junior stages. When in their adult stage, bed bugs are easily visible to the naked eye. They also secrete a pheromone, which attracts other bugs.

The cheapest way to treat bed bugs is by vacuuming your bed. This will remove any eggs or nymphs that may be in the bed. Moreover, you should remove any clothes or suitcases that may have been left unattended on the bed. Once you’ve removed these items, you should keep them in plastic bags for safekeeping.

You should immediately report any signs of a bed bug infestation to the hotel management. Moreover, you should inspect all of your belongings as bed bugs tend to migrate with people. If you notice any bugs on your belongings, you should make sure to wash them thoroughly and put them in plastic bags.

A typical sign of bedbugs is the presence of small, black spots on your bed or furniture. The bugs feed during the night on your exposed skin. You may also notice their eggs or molted skin in your mattress. A rash may also be present.