Mosquitoes in Turkey

mosquitos beach TurkeyMosquitoes in Turkey are a problem for both locals and tourists. The warm summer months in Turkey provide the perfect breeding ground for the insect. However, it is possible to protect yourself against the bites of these insects by using insect repellents and mosquito nets. Local authorities spray their areas with pesticides and use pest control services to spray gardens and drains to protect visitors.

If you don’t like high temperatures, October is the ideal time to visit Turkey. The temperatures in October are cooler than in the rest of the year, so you should plan your trip accordingly. While it’s still hot in July, October’s nights are longer and cooler than in July. During the summer months, you may even see mid-life crisis grannies running around after young Turkish men. However, if you hate the heat, summer is probably not for you.

In Turkey, mosquitoes are prevalent, but they do not carry malaria. Although the risk of getting malaria is low, it’s better to take precautions than risk getting ill from the disease. Insect bites can cause itching and swelling. In some cases, it may even result in pus-filled sores. To keep the mosquitoes away, you should wear a mosquito repellent and use electric mosquito plugs.

Mosquito repellents are available at most local shops. The most popular options include plugins, body sprays, and room sprays. You can buy repellents for as little as a couple of Lira. The best way to use them is to spray them before you go out. You should also air out the room to allow the repellent to work.